Manager of Volunteer, Internship, & Community Service Programs


Job Description: Full time position, $15.00 per hour for the first year with an opportunity for raise after each year of successful service, dependent on score received during annual performance review. We expect the chosen candidate to work Tuesday – Saturday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm with a one-hour lunch break each day.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
• Organize the Volunteer Program as a whole and a weekly volunteer schedule, which includes typical volunteers, interns, and community service groups
• Assist in development, administration, and review of policies & procedures within the volunteer program, ensure they align with the PHS mission, and that they remain current within the volunteerism paradigm
• Develop, conduct, and document records of volunteer discipline measures, dismissal, or incidents or issues
• Design and implement goals for the Volunteer Program as a whole as well as for subsets of animal groups or volunteer assignments
• Conduct formative and summative evaluations of each volunteer and the volunteer program as a whole
• Identify and assign tasks to volunteers that provide meaningful work to both the volunteer and PHS
• Develop Volunteer descriptions and training manuals for each volunteer assignment
• Recruit new volunteers, interns, and community service group participants and promote the Volunteer program as a whole
• Provide orientations and trainings for volunteers, but also check their work after each volunteer shift
• Ensure that volunteer hours are recorded and documented
• Organize and conduct formal and informal volunteer recognition activities or acts
• Prepare an annual summary report about the volunteer program as a whole, identifying each aspect of the program, its goals, successes, and plans for the next year
• Monitor expenses & ensure that volunteer programs stay within established budget, set by the Vice President
• Participate in social media posts, at least once per week
• Assist the Director of Volunteer, Internship, & Community Service Programs in document review, procedure implementation, or other activities that arise
• Develop marketing materials, assist in the design of the volunteer page of the PHS website, and other advertising needs
• Work side-by-side with all volunteers as a mentor, coach and teacher as well as work with PHS curators to enhance animal handling and husbandry knowledge

Education: Required: Associate’s Degree in a field relevant to science, herpetology or volunteer management
Preferred: Bachelor’s Degree in a field relevant to science, herpetology or volunteer management
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
• Knowledge of current resources, trends, and relevant information regarding volunteer management and volunteerism in general
• Basic knowledge of reptiles, both native and exotic, and their husbandry requirements (although more extensive information will be given during trainings for the chosen candidate)
• Desire to learn more about all reptiles and their husbandry requirements
• Proficient in basic word processing, record keeping, and general database management
• Ability (or desire to learn) to design marketing materials in graphic software
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal
• Ability to make decisions thoughtfully, but quickly when necessary
Personal Characteristics:
• Ethical and professional behavior and work ethic
• Personable and relatable, to build and maintain positive relationships as well as network
• Creative
• Empathy & sympathy for volunteers while maintaining standards and being able to execute discipline and coaching in a mature, professional manner
• Leadership
• Organized
• Problem Solver

• At least two years of management or supervisory experience, preferably relating to volunteers or a volunteer program and preferably within a non-profit organization

Description of Working Conditions: Most of the duties within this position will be carried out at or on the PHS facility in north Scottsdale, Arizona, although some events or requirements may be off-site. Approximately 30% of the work will be done within an office environment while 70% will be working directly with the volunteers on the property or performing other tasks. This position may require some evenings and weekend commitments in addition to their typical duties and responsibilities.
Benefits: This is a very fulfilling position that provides a much needed service to the community as well as the Phoenix Herpetological Society. Transportation costs to events are covered by PHS as well as additional training and learning opportunities. The chosen candidate will also gain valuable experience with reptiles of all kinds and sizes, including various difficulty levels, providing a very learning rich work environment. The chosen candidate will also be able to work with volunteers of all ages, demographics, and life experiences, providing a unique and enriching experience. The chosen candidate will be provided with a cell phone.

Evaluation: After three months, six months, and one year of service, a formal evaluation will be completed.
Policies & Contracts: The chosen candidate will be required to sign an employee handbook acknowledgement which will include a confidentiality agreement, a fraternization policy acknowledgement, and a cell phone usage agreement.

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